ASUS EN8800GTS/HTDP GeForce 8800GTS (640 MB) For Sale!

Finally upgraded to a GTX 260 896MB graphics card so I’m getting rid of my old card, it’s a Geforce 8800 GTS, with 640MB RAM and a clock speed set to 575Mhz (overclocked.) And yes, it can run Crysis! (Not at max details of course, but at 1680×1050 with settings at a mix of High/Very High) Buy the ASUS Geforce EN 8800 GTS on ebay.

Boot Failure Fixing FlowChart Fun

Next time you have a problem booting your PC, why not give this simple flow chart a go? It’s actually easier to use than it first looks, it just covers a lot of stuff. The full thing can be found at fonerbooks.