HTC Vive – Home user with a room to use review

When I found out the world was finally going to get at home VR I got myself signed right up on the pre-orders for the Vive: my thoughts were simple, if I was going to spend money on VR I wanted to be able to move around in a virtual world, not just my head…a rather easy justification for a geek to persuade themselves to shell out over £550 for a headset. This decision has turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever made when it comes to gaming on the PC, absolutely nothing compares to not just … Continue reading

The Crystal Maze is Back – and it’s for all of us!

In what may be one of the happiest events of my life, The Crystal Maze will be back in a format for everyone to enjoy! At the moment there is a funding event on Indiegogo with a rather easy target of £500,000 – at the moment of writing this, just 8 hours in from the midnight launch, it is over £63,000 – so I doubt very much this won’t happen. Quoting from the site: You’ll get to play the maze just as contestants did on the original show – placing you at the centre of the action. What we really want, … Continue reading

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Officially Launching on 2nd June At Computex – Brings Competitive Graphics Performance To GeForce

NVIDIA’s latest GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card has been officially confirmed to launch on 2nd June at the Computex 2015 event. NVDIA seems to be holding a big event at the show to launch their competitive, high-performance, GM200 based graphics cards to GeForce users which will be shown off at the event and live streamed to public via Twitch. Source: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Officially Launching on 2nd June At Computex – Brings Competitive Graphics Performance To GeForce I personally, cannot wait for this card, I will be ordering it from the first company that releases a custom version … Continue reading

Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti – possible details and performance leaked

  It appears that Nvidia might launch the Geforce GTX 980 Ti even earlier as expected as we are now hearing plenty of new rumors regarding it, including most of the specifications.According to a fresh report coming from the Korean HWBattle website, spotted by, and despite earlier report, Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti will feature less CUDA cores than the Geforce GTX Titan X. Based on the GM200-310 GPU, as suggested earlier, the Geforce GTX 980 Ti will feature 20 out of 24 SMM (Streaming Multiprocessor Maxwell) units, which adds up to 2816 CUDA cores. It will also come … Continue reading

Does Windows screw up your monitor resolution when your monitor sleeps (notably when a game is open?)

Have you ever been playing a game and gone away from your PC only to come back and find your monitor switched off? No problem right? Just move your mouse and it’s all back to norm….oh what on earth is this the game is now running at a weird smaller than desktop resolution! If you’ve had this issue, you’ll know what I’m talking about, particularly MMO players where the game GUI resizes based on the monitor resolution and so tends to screw up if it changes while the game is up and the game didn’t request the resolution change. It turns … Continue reading

Portal – A Day in the Life of a Turret

Just came across this when watching the Portal 2 Co-Op (yes, Portal 2 Co-op!) trailer on It’s all about a day in the life of 2 turrets. Really made me laugh a few times, worth a few minutes of any Portal fans time. I know it’s probably rather old, but I still just stumbled on it, so it’s new to me!

Fond memories of a modding past

Years ago (and I do mean years ago now) I used to make maps and mods for Elite Force, then Jedi Academy. My main thing was Stargate, bringing Stargate to the FPS world in a way that I enjoyed playing. Things like a dialing Stargate and so on in an engine that people had not seen that level of “tech” before. The reason I’m posting this is I was Googling around tonight trying to find an online “backup” of my old Stargate mesh, got the sudden urge to try rendering it on my new quad core, see how quick it … Continue reading

Final Fantasy XIV Release Date Announced

They finally did it yesterday, Square Enix have officially stated the long awaited next MMORPG from Square Enix will be released on September 30th with a collectors edition for us lucky European folk out on the 22nd of September. Best of all, if you pre-order the collectors edition, you’ll get some extra goodies (besides being able to access the servers a week early) in game and a few out of game things like a wall map too! Bad news for PS3 owners though, you’ve got to wait until 2011 as the PS3 version has been delayed!

xbox360 to get USB storage support – finally!

Starting on April 6th, an upgrade will be pushed out for the xbox360 enabling the use of storage devices  between 1 and 16 gigabytes. So provided you store your save games and profile on there, if you were to get the dreaded RROD, you’d not loose a thing and could continue to play on another xbox!

Mini Ninja’s Review

Mini Ninja’s, a game I picked up because I was told it was “cute”. As I’ve been struggling to find a game to enjoy recently, I decided to give it a go. I’ll admit, it’s not that bad for a bit of “stress free relax with a bit of fun” time, but it’s not the most interesting game by any chance. In all fairness though, it is aimed at a more younger audience, something older players will become immediately aware of; not because of the story or the graphics, but because of the constant hints the game gives you at … Continue reading