Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings that work

Recently I wanted to make toad-in-the-hole, however I live with someone who has a gluten intolerance so regular Yorkshire Pudding’s would be a a big mistake – even most sausages in the stores have wheat in them so there was a challenge there too. I found a relatively simple recipe that stated 100mg gluten free plain flour, 250ml milk, 2 eggs, salt and pepper which I tried and, well, it came out looking like this: This is actually a picture of rice pudding but that’s basically what it looked like. Needless to say, it’s hardly worthy of being called … Continue reading

HonestBrew – It arrives!

So today my 18 “bottles” (one was actually a can!) of pale ale arrived from HonestBrew that I talked about yesterday. They arrived in a segmented box with….Styrofoam packaging peanuts! So of course even though I was careful, the kitchen had a light showering of them all over the place as they generally just fly around with the slightest breeze. So my first thought here is, lose them, Virgin Wines ship in the same style box without the foam and I’ve never had a bottle smashed – it’s also a lot more environmentally friendly, I’ll recycle the box but the foam … Continue reading

HonestBrew – Craft Ales to your door

During my recent stumblings I came across a a nice website that ships interesting ales to your door. It’s called HonestBrew. I did a quick Google and found a £10 discount for the first order too so I obviously had to place an order. The signup process was straight forward; you get asked a few questions: how many bottles do you want at once, what type of ale you like (pale, amber, dark) and what flavours you like (e.g. light/crisp, citrusy/fruity). Then you’re good to go and can get boxes daily (yes, daily), weekly or monthly. I signed up, pushed … Continue reading

A rather nice marinade (maybe for pork?)

To be honest, this post is more for myself than anything, I want to ensure I don’t forget this simple, tasty marinade! 1 tsp season-all 1 tsp liquid seasoning 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp toasted sesame oil sprinkle of lime pepper sprinkle of piri piri flavoring (dry mixture) few drops smoked tabasco few drops Worchester sauce

Christmas Pudding 2009 – Home Made Recipe

Yes I know it’s only September but Christmas Puddings are best if they’re made early. The reason for this is you can “feed” the pudding alcohol for months so by Christmas it’s absolutely delicious and is the perfect excuse to get everyone drunk without anyone truly realising why they feel so tipsy. Nothing like months of alcohol cleverly concealed inside a delicious Christmas pudding! There are lots of recipes out there, they all vary slightly but product similar results, I prefer the recipe below. The situation that got me thinking about this was getting milk from Morrisons. My local store … Continue reading