How to make the governments attempts to view your search history that bit harder (in Chrome)

I’m sure a lot of you have heard our sorely out-of-the-times member of parliament Theresa May wants to give UK police to request users internet history + search queries without a warrant at any time. I for one am not a fan of a nanny state and especially not one that believes this is somehow OK. This coming from the same lady who thinks it’s possible to build a back-door in to encryption that only the government can use though is hardly a shock. If, like me, you use Chrome and often search from the “omnibar” (the address bar), may … Continue reading

Does Windows screw up your monitor resolution when your monitor sleeps (notably when a game is open?)

Have you ever been playing a game and gone away from your PC only to come back and find your monitor switched off? No problem right? Just move your mouse and it’s all back to norm….oh what on earth is this the game is now running at a weird smaller than desktop resolution! If you’ve had this issue, you’ll know what I’m talking about, particularly MMO players where the game GUI resizes based on the monitor resolution and so tends to screw up if it changes while the game is up and the game didn’t request the resolution change. It turns … Continue reading

Using SSL in RestClient

UPDATE 14/07/2012: The author of the client has released version 2.5 a short while ago and also a video for using self-signed certificates in the client. RESTClient is a great little CLI and GUI tool for testing your REST API. I recently pushed a new API up in the office and it runs over SSL. I tried to test it in the RESTClient and got a PeerNotVerified error from Java. First thing I did was go to the SSL tab in RestClient presuming I could tell it to just trust the API…apparently not. So after a bit of web scouring … Continue reading

Reset MySQL root password if you forgot it #mysql

Just had a need to reset the mysql root login password for a server, did a bit of Googling and found out this is how you do it (I work on Ubuntu so you may have to tinker with the lines slightly depending on your distribution): Stop the current MySQL instance from running: /etc/init.d/mysql stop Run mysql with –skip-grant-tables /usr/bin/mysqld_safe –basedir=/usr –datadir=/var/lib/mysql –user=mysql –pid-file=/var/run/mysqld/ –socket=/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock –port=3306 –skip-grant-tables & Log into mysql, straight into the mysql database mysql -u root mysql Reset the root password. UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD(‘newrootpassword’) WHERE User=’root’; Flush privileges flush privileges; Shut down the new running mysql. … Continue reading

Superb VPS (Virtual Private Server) Provider – Review

A few months ago at work we realised the need for lots of “nodes” (servers) in the UK and in the US initially. We have a lot of data processing that we need to do and we worked out it would be faster and cheaper if we could distribute the work over lots of servers rather than a few beefy servers. Dan started looking around and found, they looked good so we thought we’d give them a go. Of course we didn’t want to “put all our eggs in one basket” so we took out some VPS servers with … Continue reading

Boot Failure Fixing FlowChart Fun

Next time you have a problem booting your PC, why not give this simple flow chart a go? It’s actually easier to use than it first looks, it just covers a lot of stuff. The full thing can be found at fonerbooks.