IP Uniqueness – An SEO Perspective

I recently overheard a discussion in the SEO world to do with IPs and the dangerous* world of link acquisition. The discussion was to do with clients who ask for things like “unique class C” as a requirement. Many moons ago, IP was almost certainly a factor in link acquisition, big bad Google did not like lots of links coming from the same IP address – or at least, it was a common belief. Then, one day, people realised “oh dear, we’re running out of IPv4 addresses” – and sure enough, we really are. In fact, ARIN are due to … Continue reading

Link Checker Update – Download Meta Data, Errors, Redirects as CSV

I’ve updated my Link Checker (site crawler) located at https://wade.one/tools/linkchecker to allow downloading of the data it finds as CSV files. So all redirect URL’s, 404’s and meta data for all pages can be downloaded. The links are at the bottom of the page after the initial output of data. Use the Link Checker here.

Link Checker – Free Tool Launched on Site

I’ve just finished writing version one of my link checker tool and have now launched it on my site. The tool will parse a given  URL, extract all links on that page that point to the same domain and follow them, and keep doing that until it’s finished. It will then show you the results of the crawl (page details), along with any 404’s and redirects it encountered on the way. Of course there are limits (which I don’t intend to expose), and you’ll know if you hit them as the app will fail. They’re pretty high though and I … Continue reading

Google Search – Dutch Penis?

In the latest of a string of weird keywords my site shows up for, “dutch penis” has to be the weirdest. I actually managed to rank 16th for this term! Not much else to say really, although if you were searching for dutch penis and have ended up here, take a look around and then carry on forward on your journey back to Google search by clicking here (just a link to the search results for dutch penis).

Google Analytics – anti gravity mice

I’ve just been checking my Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools stats and realised I rank ridiculously high for a term I barely used – anti gravity mice. It’s not just that term I rank high for though, it’s all these: anti gravity mice antigravity mouse antigravity mice anti gravity mouse anti-gravity mice nasa anti gravity mouse This is a result of this post, which I only posted on a whim. I really don’t understand Google’s search logic sometimes! There was one added quirk from this, until a few minutes ago, my blog home page title changed based on the latest … Continue reading