Link Checker – Free Tool Launched on Site

I’ve just finished writing version one of my link checker tool and have now launched it on my site. The tool will parse a given  URL, extract all links on that page that point to the same domain and follow them, and keep doing that until it’s finished. It will then show you the results of the crawl (page details), along with any 404’s and redirects it encountered on the way.

Of course there are limits (which I don’t intend to expose), and you’ll know if you hit them as the app will fail. They’re pretty high though and I will leave them that way so long as the tool isn’t abused. Every use is tracked so if you abuse it, I’ll know! In the mean time, I hope some of you find it useful. And if you fancy helping me out by checking out the Google Ads, that’d be appreciated :o)

Free link checker tool.



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