Google Analytics – anti gravity mice

I’ve just been checking my Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools stats and realised I rank ridiculously high for a term I barely used – anti gravity mice. It’s not just that term I rank high for though, it’s all these:

  • anti gravity mice
  • antigravity mouse
  • antigravity mice
  • anti gravity mouse
  • anti-gravity mice
  • nasa anti gravity mouse

This is a result of this post, which I only posted on a whim. I really don’t understand Google’s search logic sometimes!

There was one added quirk from this, until a few minutes ago, my blog home page title changed based on the latest post so this morning if people searched for anti gravity mice, the search result for my blog showed up as Chandelier, Penis Chandelier linking to my blog home page. A safe for work query turned not so safe!



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