Adobe Browser Labs – Better than Microsoft Expression

I’ve been stumbling around for new stuff to use in the world of webmastery this morning and stumbled across this rather useful tool. A few weeks ago I attended PHPNW along with some guys from work, one of the talks at the end of the day was by a Microsoft guy who was trying to flog their latest set of tools, Expression Studio. One of the tools he wanted to demo was a browser preview tool – of course, in typical demo fashion, it failed to load the page. Adobe Browser Labs (free at the moment with a free registration) … Continue reading

Square Enix releases eight new Final Fantasy XIII screenshots.

I’m an avid Final Fantasy fan and am really looking forward to the upcoming FF games, both the online and the regular RPG games. One thing Square Enix never fails to deliver on is graphical quality – and for anyone who knows me and games, they’ll know my main pull to a new game is how good it looks, story comes second (yes, really.) The latest screenshots for FFXIII look impressive as always and I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. You can pre-order FFXIII for both the xbox 360 and PS3 now at Amazon. Final Fantasy … Continue reading

Kid in Fuzzy Monster Costume (with abstract genitalia)

It’s almost Halloween and that means costumes, however one parent seriously needs to re-think their childs costume, a fuzzy monster with a penis and single testicle isn’t going to go down well with a lot of parents I’m pretty sure! You can view more over at io9.

Link Checker – Free Tool Launched on Site

I’ve just finished writing version one of my link checker tool and have now launched it on my site. The tool will parse a given  URL, extract all links on that page that point to the same domain and follow them, and keep doing that until it’s finished. It will then show you the results of the crawl (page details), along with any 404’s and redirects it encountered on the way. Of course there are limits (which I don’t intend to expose), and you’ll know if you hit them as the app will fail. They’re pretty high though and I … Continue reading

Windows 7 is here, Japan becomes America

Today is officially the launch of Windows 7 to the general public, people are no doubt throwing their Windows 7 parties everywhere, it’s a day of rejoicing and celebrations, a day to remember those that came before it and hastily forget them again, etc. etc. The Japanese have decided the only way to celebrate the launch of Windows 7 is to, create a burger (this is a line you’d expect to begin with “The Americans”.) Like many a fast food burger before it, this is heart attack in a bun, and yet I can’t help but wonder if it tastes … Continue reading

Toilet Waterfall – Because you can never have too many

There’s never a free toilet available when you’re in a rush, well not anymore! Except maybe the chinese would not be best pleased if you attempted to use this centre-piece as a pit stop. Created for a ceramics festival, it’s a different idea, but I really don’t like that blue toilet.

Maybe we need sex education for birds? Bird flu is an STD.

According to a post at NewScientist, bird flu (avian flu) is actually an STD – at least, it is in ducks. While not completely confirmed yet, it is believed to be the case. Although unlike humans, the more promiscuous the duck, the less likely it is to become infected (wha?); apparently “…It’s all to do with penis size and the complexity of the females’ vagina…” When the researchers compared data on the prevalence of low-pathogenic bird flu strains in different duck species with what is known about the anatomy of duc k reproductive parts and mating behaviour, they found that … Continue reading

Bag Check – Water is good, laptop batteries are bad

Saw this over at Lifehacker this morning from xkcd. I read this as “this is why geeks are more dangerous than terrorists.”

Peeling Scotch Tape Emits X-Rays

It turns out that if you peel the popular adhesive tape off its roll in a vacuum chamber, it emits X-rays. The researchers even made an X-ray image of one of their fingers. Actually, more than 50 years ago, some Russian scientists reported evidence of X-rays from peeling sticky tape off glass. But the new work demonstrates that you can get a lot of X-rays, a study co-author says. The scientists even demonstrated that the X-rays were bright enough to take an X-ray of a finger. Escobar, a graduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles, reports the work … Continue reading

Peerblock (or Peerguardian) – Block Lists

It occured to me when I posted about Peerblock that I neglected to post about a very useful site in regards to it’s use; that site is I-BlockList. It’s a really simple site with some of the most popular services IP ranges there so you can be sure you’re blocking (or allowing) specific things through. For example I play games on Steam and there is a Steam list so I can access the services. So head on over to the site and grab your block lists, whether you use Peerblock or Peerguardian or any other software that supports the lists … Continue reading