HonestBrew – It arrives!

So today my 18 “bottles” (one was actually a can!) of pale ale arrived from HonestBrew that I talked about yesterday. They arrived in a segmented box with….Styrofoam packaging peanuts! So of course even though I was careful, the kitchen had a light showering of them all over the place as they generally just fly around with the slightest breeze. So my first thought here is, lose them, Virgin Wines ship in the same style box without the foam and I’ve never had a bottle smashed – it’s also a lot more environmentally friendly, I’ll recycle the box but the foam is going to be going in the bin.

Packaging aside, I immediately noticed something I missed, one bottle was called Partizan – Saison – Lemongrass. Could it be? Pale ale AND lemograss in a bottle together? Two of my favorite things combined? YES! Sadly that bottle has gone already now, between me starting this blog post and finishing it. Great ale though and one I’d have never come across if it wasn’t for HonestBrew.

First impressions then are I like this company a lot, and at the same price as buying ale from the supermarket I think I’ll be sticking with them! Cheers guys!



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