Massive Anthem health insurance hack exposes millions of customers’ details

600px-Anthem_Blue_Cross_Blue_Shield,_DenverAnthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield office in Denver. Andrew Williams (KMGH-TV)

Well as far as hacks go, this is pretty amazing and if they are right and millions of customers have had their name, address, DoB, and social security numbers stolen, a lot of people could find themselves being impersonated over the coming months or even years. It’s all you really need to make a company believe you are who you are not!

The attackers stole names, addresses, birthdays and social security numbers of customers from every one of Anthem’s business units.

So far, Anthem has not said how many records were lost or how many people have been affected.

However, security experts believe personal details about tens of millions of people could have gone missing.

Read more at the BBC.



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