Fond memories of a modding past

Years ago (and I do mean years ago now) I used to make maps and mods for Elite Force, then Jedi Academy. My main thing was Stargate, bringing Stargate to the FPS world in a way that I enjoyed playing. Things like a dialing Stargate and so on in an engine that people had not seen that level of “tech” before.

The reason I’m posting this is I was Googling around tonight trying to find an online “backup” of my old Stargate mesh, got the sudden urge to try rendering it on my new quad core, see how quick it renders. I came across this thread when I searched for stargate model wadev1589 (my old online moniker was wadev1589). It just made my evening reading it so I replied there saying thank you and I just wanted to post it here to for anyone who finds this to say thank you to anyone who used to enjoy my maps and mods for Elite Force and Jedi Academy. You guys are what made it worth while and I thoroughly enjoyed bringing the modding community something different.



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