FFXIV – Final Fantasy 14 – TGS Trailer

While I never really got into WoW (I have played, I have characters, I rarely touch it) I do love FFXI and have played many many hours on that game – less now, it just feels dated and that can ruin a game for me.

However, FFXIV is coming soon, sometime in 2010, and I can’t wait for it, a new MMORPG based in a Final Fantasy world, I’m a huge fan of the FF series so this is a no brainer for me. Below is the latest trailer for it. You’ll notice (if you haven’t read much about it yet, the characters look oddly similar to FFXI, that is something SquareEnix stated they wanted to do, keep the mithra, galka, hume and tarutaru styles in the new game so “veterans” of FFXI could transition easily and new players would just treat them as they would any new game.)



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