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It’s almost the end of September and so only a month to go until Halloween, that time of year where for a week kids want some nice treat like candy or are rude little gits and expect money – so they get the trick, permanent marker on the face.

There’s a site available with links to lots of DIY projects for Halloween so you can make it that bit more fun – it’s always more fun when you get into the spirit and make things – be it a costume, or a skeleton in a coffin. From a realistic mummy (it’s face looks unpleasant enough to scare even the most fearless little kid), to a falling ceiling with spikes so the nice little kiddies think they’re just about to be pierced by rusty spikes and die painfully; the site has plenty of stuff to keep everyone entertained over the ‘holiday’ period.

Check out the site at Monster Page of Halloween Project Links.



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