PeerBlock 1.0 Released – Now with signed driver

PeerBlock was a “spin off” from PeerGuardian, a program that completely blocks access to certain IP addresses at the network level making it completely impossible to connect to them (or from people on those IP addresses to connect to you.) The reason I love this program so much is it blocks access to known spyware and adware computers making your PC that bit more secure.

PeerBlock 1.0 has just been released, marking the first “stable” version, and one big feature is Windows x64 (Vista and 7) now have a signed driver meaning you no longer have to go into “Ignore Driver Signature” mode at boot-up.

Of course it is also a great piece of software for people who use P2P networks with poor intent as it also can block access to/from known monitoring servers and government addresses.

Download PeerBlock from the official site.



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  1. Ben Davies says: do a VPN for £10 a month which you can run over your existing broadband connection for super duper encryptedness from snoopers too.

    If one were so inclined..

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