VPS.net – Send a postcard, win an iPad + $10 off your next bill

The VPS provider this site runs on, and that we use rather extensively in the office, is currently running a neat little promotion which is very simple. Send them a postcard and you’ll get $10 off your next bill plus you’ll be entered into a competition to win an iPad! I’d love to win an iPad so I can flog it for a few hundred :o)

The competition is open to everyone (UK and USA) and there are only a couple of rules:

  • The postcard must contain a location or landmark
  • It must be postmarked by 4th June
  • Your email address (presumably matching your VPS.net email address) must be on it

To enter, send your postcard to:
164 North Springcreek Parkway
Providence, Utah 84332 USA

Original VPS.net blog post.



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