Copenhagen User Experience

I’m torn on this, it has some great ideas (updating interface with dynamic search – real time search Ben?) and it has some big failings (updating interface with resizing objects.)For example, the login screen, rarely seen but those little changes with the moving/scaling image is a great idea; the live search with an updating UI (something as simple as “x items” with each click); and several other things.

Hopefully some of this ideas will be seen and developed for Windows 8.

View the Copenhagen User Experience.



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  1. Ben Davies says:

    Interesting stuff here dude, good find. Some weirdness in the yet another reinvention of the explorer interface, it still looks like a bloody mess with 50 billion ways of representing the the file system and none of them in a particular useful way (seriously, a-e, f-j, etc grouping? seriously? hasn’t this been killed by spotlight like 4 years ago?). I thought that many of the initial problems with file systems could be solved with searchable indexed databases sat on top (indexing on something sensible though is another problem altogether).

    Good to see Microsoft actually going full guns with the skunkworks stuff. Some of this is actually beginning to pay off (rather than develop shit and let marketing sort out the mess). What with the inevitable success of windows 7 and things like that courier twin screen netbook thing, this is good stuff.

    Back to the Microsoft of old! I’d love to one day install a piece of Microsoft software again without that knot in my stomach!

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