Oasis of the Seas – Next Holiday Planned!

Next year me, Jared, my mother and my sister are supposed to be going to see Jared’s mother for a week (in the states) then driving down to Florida and staying there for a week. That way the parents get to meet and then we get some sun and fun in Florida…

…I say supposed to however as I just found out about the Oasis of the Seas. Royal Carribean’s newest cruise liner; and now all I want to do is take another 2 week cruise around the caribbean…well maybe a week so we can still go to see Jared’s mother for a week. This ship is just insane, forget Central Park, NYC, try Central Park, OotS – a fully irrigated, open, real foliage park at sea.


And it doesn’t just stop there, directly below this park, there’s a 2 level shopping mall. Then at the back of the ship is an AquaTheatre – kind of like Sea World has – except there’s also a childrens carousel there too. There’s also a moving bar that goes between the 3 floors of the royal promenade (not sure how that’s gonna feel when you’re tipsy.)

And like the other ships, there’s a theatre, pools, climbing wall, several places to eat etc.

It’s the addition of the park, the increased shopping area, the AquaTheatre and the size that makes this ship just so awe-inspiring though (the park alone is the size of a football pitch.)  It’s 220,000 tonnes, can have 5,400 passengers, is 360 metres long (1,181 feet), width of 47 metres (154 feet).

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2 Responses to Oasis of the Seas – Next Holiday Planned!

  1. pol ka says:

    What they do not say is the millions of gallons of sludge and human waste they will dump on the coral reef? This is legal (if they dump it a few miles off-shore). After a few of these monsters passing through the Caribbean and desolation will be left. Also, quid of salmonella transported to the shores of Cancun or other beaches?

  2. Dallas says:

    Shut up man, dont stand in the way of progress. These big ships are more environentally friendly than your 5 star rated fridge or air con you so called environementally conscious are driving with. You should know that the QM2 for instance has state of the art waste management system that incinerated everything and recycles almost 80% of what it uses. They get all their water from the ocean and desalinate it. And for the waste they cannot recycle it does not get disposed of until they reach port and the local waste management can deal with it, at cost to the cruise ship no less.

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