Ubuntu…it’s a great Linux OS to use on servers due to its speed and simplicity – personal preference based on no statistics, only personal use. However, one thing Linux drives me mad with is software RAID. It’s taken me the better part of a day to set up a few RAID partitions, two of which are joined via LVM (2 lots of mirrored disks, one big “partition” to store stuff on across all 4 disks). Persuading a developer in our office at work that Whitespace is better than PHP or persuading Ben that all graphs are excellent, informative tools would be easier tasks.

It seems that today we’ve managed to solve most of our current MySQL database issues are fixed now too with one very simple change to our Master->Slaves setup – use ROW based binary logging only, not statement. The slaves are now never lagging more than 2-3 seconds behind the master even with thousands of writes per second across around 100 connections.



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  1. Ben Davies says:

    Man, seriously, where has this myth come from that I hate graphs? It’s the exact opposite: I love graphs! Graphs. I love graphs. Not interactive widgety doohickys with flashing colours, animated slices and hidden data! Not god awful full colour photo backgrounds with multiple, disparate result sets overlaid on poorly picked sources with multiple y value ranges. Y’know, not-graphs.

  2. Wade says:

    So….you don’t like graphs? 😀

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