Derren Brown – How to Control the Nation

I watched Derren Brown – How to Control the Nation last night as I wanted to see how his subliminal video (or as he calls it, PWA) would really work and while I know subliminal messaging can be easily ignored if you expect it, I wanted this one to work (it’s always more fun when things like this work for you than to rant about how cool you are that you could ignore it – you just miss the fun!)

Anyhow, the result for me was it did work but only a little unfortunately. After the video ended and the second flash happened (don’t question the flash if you see it until after you’ve tried the video in full – just go along with it all, it’s important to the effect) I tried to stand up and it took longer than it should have done, it felt like my muscles just did not want to pull me up, very weird but very cool. I didn’t feel like I was bound to the chair like a lot of people seemed to do which is a shame, but nevertheless, actually having a response to the video at all was a great feeling and I hope many of you can experience it too and won’t be too stuck up your own to just let it happen (after the video, just search Youtube for “derren brown control fail” and see how childish some people really are.)

You can watch the video on Youtube here. Remember, go with it, don’t question anything and do as he says. If you’re with someone with a big mouth (probably your partner sitting near you right now), tell them to leave the room or stay and try it too, quietly.



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