Hidden things, lack of fries and pointless data

Ah Friday’s, it’s always a good day in the office, everyone (at least in the dev team) know it’s Friday, and most weeks, Dan’s behaviour is a tell tale sign. Friday also means pub lunch day, something to look forward to…usually – however today was a sad day, our usual pub, the Wellington, let us all down. The waiting time for our fries was going to be at least 45 minutes, and I do mean just fries, chips, potato cuts, whatever you want to call them. It was almost enough to ruin the day, almost! However the pint went down … Continue reading

It goes without saying…

…but never go to the gym without some kind of energy source. A piece of advice I keep meaning to pay attention to but it’s a case of “do as I say, not as I do.” I got home from work, had a drink of juice, quickly ate a Snickers then straight off to the gym to do some light cardio followed by some heavy weights – which felt great in that gym pain kind of way – only to finish and start to feel really sick as I had a shower as my body desperately tried to find an … Continue reading

Another day, another group of PHP “funness”

PHP and Serializing…don’t try and store the result in a plain text file, there’s just a chance you may end up storing NUL so when you go to read a line, you’ll end up only reading part of it (the serialized object had a stack trace in it from an exception.) Incidentally, don’t try and debug code that works – it’s always a good idea to read the code that is storing the data you think is wrong before trying to debug the output, I couldn’t work out why I wasn’t logging somethin only for certain exceptions, then eventually I … Continue reading

xfactor is going for the full package

I’m not really a fan of x-factor but I stumbled on this video from the current series and…well it has to be watched: