The Magic Wand

For all you people wishing you were at Hogwarts, here’s the first step in the right direction (no actual magic, but I guarantee for people who don’t know about this product, they’ll stare at you in amazement, or maybe fear). It’s called the Kymera Magic Wand.

thewandThe Kymera magic wand is actually a universal remote control that can learn IR signals to control pretty much any IR controlled device (TV, Sky, DVD player, BR player etc.)

Motions such as flicking the wand up can change the channel, rotating the wand can increase the volume and so on.

The website is just as cheesy as the wand, a flash movie that looks like a spell book, but that is the target market they’re aiming for.

Coming in at £50 it’s not too badly priced considering the geek factor involved, but maybe it’s too high a price to pay when your mates come over and promptly leave when you whip out your wand?



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