Oasis of the Seas – Royal Promenade Video

Every time I see the Oasis of the Seas, I am always in awe of it. More and more I want to be on it now, but alas, I have to wait. This video is a short clip about the new Royal Promenade, just take a look at the sheer size of it and remember you’re on a ship when you see this. Looking for cheap flights to Florida so you can enjoy this fabulous cruise ship? Check out ebookers for flights to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Costa Coffee Leeds – Unhelpful and Very Dirty/Unhygienic

Yesterday, we went to Leeds to do some shopping in preparation of our upcoming big day (yes, getting married soon!) At lunch time we decided to go get some food and a drink, we wanted to go to Starbucks but both the Border’s Starbucks and the actual Starbucks shop on the street were packed (20+ queues.) So we decided on Costa Coffee, 93-97 Albion Street (near Harvey Nichols) for our mid-day drink and snack…I wish we had queued for Starbucks. It got to my time to order, so I ordered us a Gingerbread Latte, Hazelnut (or some nut) Latte, 2 … Continue reading

Muppets do Bohemian Rhapsody (Youtube 1080p)

I love the Muppets, always have, always will. So I was delighted to find this on Youtube. It’s Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody re-imagined by the muppets. Not sure if it’s actually new, but the 1080p quality certainly is new and it is pretty stunning to watch it stream. Enjoy!

9 – Interesting film – Not sure about it.

I watched 9 last night and while it certainly was emotional, I was left feeling somewhat let down and confused at the end of it. I’m going to talk about specifics in the film here so if you’ve not seen it yet and intend to, don’t ready anymore. It starts off with a guy creating a small doll (that is to be 9) and bringing it to life. 9 soon meets others who are like him who explain what happened to the world – the film is set in a post apocalyptic future where man has been wiped out. So … Continue reading

Superb VPS (Virtual Private Server) Provider – VPS.net Review

A few months ago at work we realised the need for lots of “nodes” (servers) in the UK and in the US initially. We have a lot of data processing that we need to do and we worked out it would be faster and cheaper if we could distribute the work over lots of servers rather than a few beefy servers. Dan started looking around and found VPS.net, they looked good so we thought we’d give them a go. Of course we didn’t want to “put all our eggs in one basket” so we took out some VPS servers with … Continue reading

For PuTTY Users – PuTTY Connection Manager

I was just Googling trying to find out if anyone had wrote an application that wraps PuTTY enabling it to support stored sessions in its taskbar icon right click menu when I came across this extremely useful program instead: PuTTY Connection Manager. It’s a very simple application for Windows that sits over PuTTY but provides 2 extremely useful features. The first feature is a list of all saved sessions so you can just double click and it opens a new PuTTY session inside the application. The second feature (and this one is great if you’re like us at work and … Continue reading

lolcatz – fill in the gap

As I’m currently lacking in things to post, here’s a cat doing the robot… Hopefully I’ll actually come up with something slightly more substantial in a day or two!

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) only two weeks away from real experiments, hopefully

It seems the large hadron collider has had no end of problems, which led some people to believe it was due to something in the future time travelling into the past to prevent its launch. But now it seems that it’s almost there as initial tests have finally succeeded. CERN, the Swiss facility where the enormous underground experiment is located, has announced that test beams in the LHC have zoomed around most parts of the accelerator without incident: Particles are smoothly making their way around the 27 km circumference of the LHC. Last weekend (7-8 November), the first bunches of … Continue reading

Final Fantasy XIII Official Release Date Announced, 09th March 2010!

Square Enix have put up a new video with interviews and a few unseen sections of FFXIII on the site which you can view here. But most importantly, they’ve announced the US/Europe release date as the 9th March 2010, not that far away really! It is now also available for pre-order at Amazon, be sure to grab your copy now! Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) – Preorder now Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360) – Preorder now

Thermal image of the human body doing a “faux pas”

What can only be described as a human function, this thermal image at first glance looks like something from space, captured by a telescope….then you realise it’s just a man’s butt while farting and your world comes crumbling down.