Mini Ninja’s Review

Mini Ninja’s, a game I picked up because I was told it was “cute”. As I’ve been struggling to find a game to enjoy recently, I decided to give it a go. I’ll admit, it’s not that bad for a bit of “stress free relax with a bit of fun” time, but it’s not the most interesting game by any chance. In all fairness though, it is aimed at a more younger audience, something older players will become immediately aware of; not because of the story or the graphics, but because of the constant hints the game gives you at … Continue reading

While the US still struggles with equality…

The UK is continuing to push ahead with equality for all. From The UK prime minister Gordon Brown has said in a interview with gay lifestyle magazine, Attitude, that he is focused on making sure the rights of British civil partnerships are recognised across the EU, including Eastern Europe, believing “respect for gay people was due”. Saying that agreements with both France and Spain are already in negotiations, Brown pointed to the proposed roll backs of civil partnerships in the USA as inspiration saying these “…are people who have made a commitment to each other and clearly loved each … Continue reading

St Trinian’s 2 – Good, but not that good

We went to see St Trinian’s 2, the Legend of Fritton’s Gold on Sunday in Bradford at Cineworld. It was fun to watch, but sadly, it was definitely a sequel, it failed to live up to the sheer audacity and stupidity that St Trinian’s 1 offered. I’m not saying it was terrible, far from it, it’s lines like “We’re your worst nightmare” – “You’re not The Beegees…Take That” that make a film like this good, they’re quick, disappear in a flash but give you a good giggle when they’re delivered (those lines are in the trailer below.) St Trinian’s 2: … Continue reading

X-Factor Not Christmas Number 1! … Rage Against the Machine is instead

Well, the good news is, the X-Factor single didn’t reach number one, no matter how you look at it, that is a good thing, it would have been yet another year, yet another X-Factor winner – many people are sick of that. However, the Christmas number one is now Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name – why? The couple who started this (the same couple as last year) chose a completely non Christmas related song, not only that, but one that contains quite a bit of swearing, so it can’t really be played while the family are … Continue reading

Tesco apologises over ‘ginger jibe’ Christmas card – for gods sake!

The excerpt I was just reading from BBC News goes as follows: A Christmas card has been withdrawn from two Tesco stores in York after complaints that it makes fun of children with ginger hair. The card shows a child with ginger hair sitting on the lap of Santa Claus, and the words: “Santa loves all kids. Even ginger ones.” Davinia Phillips, 30, of York, whose three daughters are redheads, said she found the card offensive. This is ridiculous, it’s called humour, apparently this is yet another stupid woman who has a lack of one. Does she not watch any … Continue reading

Super Mario Bros. Wii – A must play game

At the weekend I finally caved and bought Super Mario Bro’s Wii, I loved the older Super Mario on the SNES and the Wii version seemed to go back to Mario roots with this new game – at least, the advertisements made it look like it did so I would have been royally pissed if it didn’t – but it did and man, it’s great. Below are screenshots from the old SNES Mario and the new Wii Mario, the Wii is clearly improved graphics wise, but the key thing to note here is the fact the new version still plays … Continue reading

Google Launches new Public DNS – Seems Fast!

Google has recently launched their own version of public DNS servers, much like OpenDNS. After trying them out briefly this morning, the response time does seem to be very quick from an actual user point of view (browser seems to start downloading sooner than it used to do.) Google even provides a quote to help people who don’t fully get DNS to understand it, kind of: Most of us aren’t familiar with DNS because it’s often handled automatically by our Internet Service Provider (ISP), but it provides an essential function for the web. You could think of it as the … Continue reading