Won a @Heineken Valentine’s Dinner Reservation – ONLY a reservation

So I got a call around lunch today saying I won the prize at http://startreatment.co/star-access/ for a dinner reservation for Valentine’s today at a nice restaurant, I was a little taken back but very happy – it’s a free Valentine’s  day meal for me and my husband, great! As with most of these competition’s I wasn’t expecting to win but was extremely pleased to get the phone call.

Then I got this email….


To quote the bit that took me by surprise: “Just a little reminder; this is just a reservation, it’s up to you to foot the bill. ” That’s right, I won a table at a restaurant that I could’ve booked myself! Oh 2 free pints worth around £6.40? The train tickets will cost us £26 from York! That’s an amazing price of minus £20!


That’s right, I won a competition for a table at a restaurant with a free beer but no food. Cheers Heineken! Needless to say I won’t be going from York to Leed’s on Valentine’s day for a meal that I have to pay for when I can just stay in York and go somewhere like the Star Inn the City; at least then I am going expecting to pay and not being excited to win something worse less than the cost of getting there to have it!




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