Hidden things, lack of fries and pointless data

Ah Friday’s, it’s always a good day in the office, everyone (at least in the dev team) know it’s Friday, and most weeks, Dan’s behaviour is a tell tale sign. Friday also means pub lunch day, something to look forward to…usually – however today was a sad day, our usual pub, the Wellington, let us all down. The waiting time for our fries was going to be at least 45 minutes, and I do mean just fries, chips, potato cuts, whatever you want to call them. It was almost enough to ruin the day, almost! However the pint went down … Continue reading

Today’s musings

Today’s work was a standard day, well except for the morning, actually no, that was a standard morning too, things didn’t work too well, they needed fixing, during which there were random jokes at Ben’s expense due to his pure love of graphs. With some help from Remo (my team manager) though, we did manage to work out some confusing MySQL queries – which as always, were actually remarkably simple, but until you see it, it’s harder than Michael Jackson visiting a pre-school (did I say this blog was probably bad for kids, fans of MJ and anyone who gets … Continue reading

It goes without saying…

…but never go to the gym without some kind of energy source. A piece of advice I keep meaning to pay attention to but it’s a case of “do as I say, not as I do.” I got home from work, had a drink of juice, quickly ate a Snickers then straight off to the gym to do some light cardio followed by some heavy weights – which felt great in that gym pain kind of way – only to finish and start to feel really sick as I had a shower as my body desperately tried to find an … Continue reading

Another day, another group of PHP “funness”

PHP and Serializing…don’t try and store the result in a plain text file, there’s just a chance you may end up storing NUL so when you go to read a line, you’ll end up only reading part of it (the serialized object had a stack trace in it from an exception.) Incidentally, don’t try and debug code that works – it’s always a good idea to read the code that is storing the data you think is wrong before trying to debug the output, I couldn’t work out why I wasn’t logging somethin only for certain exceptions, then eventually I … Continue reading

New underwear!

No I don’t have a fetish for underwear, I just like to be comfortable and you don’t get much more comfortable than Aussiebum’s! We ordered some new underwear last week and after getting home from work today, it had arrived, fresh for Australia in the post. My favorites have to be the Saturate range, very vibrant, very comfortable and they attract a lot of attention at places like the gym.

PHP FUNdamentals

The title isn’t really correct as, well, they’re not fundamentals…however they’re not fun so that was my best effort to get sarcasm into the title. I love programming in PHP, and I must admit, I do enjoy finding solutions to problems that most people would probably tear their hair out over; but from time-to-time, PHP throws me a curve ball covered in shards of glass with a label attached that says “from PHP with love.” I’ve been working on some new classes and functions at work to make our web applications work faster and better and part of that involves … Continue reading

Opera 10 Final Available

Opera 10 has now been released and can be downloaded from the official Opera website. It is available in 43 different languages for Windows, Linux and Mac. New features include: Opera turbo Opera’s proxy servers are now used for image and content compression so even people on a slower connection should experience a speed boost. Inline spell check A feature that everyone who posts online should use, input fields now auto spell check entered text. Auto update Opera will now automatically update itself Faster rendering engine The new Opera Presto 2.2 engine in Opera 10 claims to be 40 per … Continue reading

Boot Failure Fixing FlowChart Fun

Next time you have a problem booting your PC, why not give this simple flow chart a go? It’s actually easier to use than it first looks, it just covers a lot of stuff. The full thing can be found at fonerbooks.

xfactor is going for the full package

I’m not really a fan of x-factor but I stumbled on this video from the current series and…well it has to be watched:

Hello world!

An apt name for a first post by a programmer if ever I saw one. Finally got around to started the process of building a website for my work and for my ego (it’s a website about me, there’s ego there, I can’t deny that). Over time I’ll populate this website with stuff I find and pointless ramblings, in the meantime, you can follow me on twitter.