PeerBlock 1.0 Released – Now with signed driver

PeerBlock was a “spin off” from PeerGuardian, a program that completely blocks access to certain IP addresses at the network level making it completely impossible to connect to them (or from people on those IP addresses to connect to you.) The reason I love this program so much is it blocks access to known spyware and adware computers making your PC that bit more secure. PeerBlock 1.0 has just been released, marking the first “stable” version, and one big feature is Windows x64 (Vista and 7) now have a signed driver meaning you no longer have to go into “Ignore … Continue reading

FFXIV – Final Fantasy 14 – TGS Trailer

While I never really got into WoW (I have played, I have characters, I rarely touch it) I do love FFXI and have played many many hours on that game – less now, it just feels dated and that can ruin a game for me. However, FFXIV is coming soon, sometime in 2010, and I can’t wait for it, a new MMORPG based in a Final Fantasy world, I’m a huge fan of the FF series so this is a no brainer for me. Below is the latest trailer for it. You’ll notice (if you haven’t read much about it … Continue reading

Copenhagen User Experience

I’m torn on this, it has some great ideas (updating interface with dynamic search – real time search Ben?) and it has some big failings (updating interface with resizing objects.)For example, the login screen, rarely seen but those little changes with the moving/scaling image is a great idea; the live search with an updating UI (something as simple as “x items” with each click); and several other things. Hopefully some of this ideas will be seen and developed for Windows 8. View the Copenhagen User Experience.

Good News – Windows 7

That’s the name of the video “Good News – Windows 7.” The little kid is called Kelly and she believes “seven” is a happy word – it does stand for “togetherness” in China though so maybe that’s the underlying message here – “with Windows 7, we’re together again and I’m stealing your soul.” At the same time I feel I must point out I just downloaded iTunes 9, at almost 90mb it’s starting to feel more like an OS than a music player, where’s iTunes Lite? Which then leads on nicely to Apple’s latest OS 3.1 for the iPhone, another … Continue reading


Ubuntu…it’s a great Linux OS to use on servers due to its speed and simplicity – personal preference based on no statistics, only personal use. However, one thing Linux drives me mad with is software RAID. It’s taken me the better part of a day to set up a few RAID partitions, two of which are joined via LVM (2 lots of mirrored disks, one big “partition” to store stuff on across all 4 disks). Persuading a developer in our office at work that Whitespace is better than PHP or persuading Ben that all graphs are excellent, informative tools would … Continue reading

Opera 10 Final Available

Opera 10 has now been released and can be downloaded from the official Opera website. It is available in 43 different languages for Windows, Linux and Mac. New features include: Opera turbo Opera’s proxy servers are now used for image and content compression so even people on a slower connection should experience a speed boost. Inline spell check A feature that everyone who posts online should use, input fields now auto spell check entered text. Auto update Opera will now automatically update itself Faster rendering engine The new Opera Presto 2.2 engine in Opera 10 claims to be 40 per … Continue reading